Camp Half Blood Place OF Awsomenes
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Camp Half Blood Place OF Awsomenes

a role play place for the book series written by rick riordan

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first roman charrie!(he is ryans older brother)

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1.Name:Rey Miller
5.Eye color:brown
6.Hair Color and Skin color: dirty blond,and tan
7.Mortal parent:Lynn Miller
8.God Parent:Pluto
9.Talents(normaly):ice hockey, lacrosse, guitar,trumpet and can sing
10.Skills(what skills with weapons):swords and bow and arrows
11.Powers(optional you dont have to have any):can shadow travel from one end of texas to the other ten times a day gets really tired passes out the tenth time,can melt into shadows about ten times a day(invisible in them and only in the day can go into someones shadow for about five minutes),can summon the dead up to 25 and ten times a day gets really tired(all powers have the same affect),can form thing from shadows (biggest being something the size of the cabins, but can only do this twice a day and he needs to wait 30 minutes between the big things and ten between small things if he does something that big anything else for about ten times)
12.Weapons:a black skull ring that when he takes it off is a stygian iron kilij,one stygian iron dagger,and a imperial gold ring that when he takes it off becomes a imperial gold kilij
13.Pets:N/A of origin:USA
15.Flaws:doesnt really like the greek demigods,at times can lose anger, and always puts others before himself before camp half-blood(5 sentences):ryan lived with his mom,stepdad, and stepbrother for most of his life. he was his hockey teams team captin and the goalie on his lacrose team.
17. Rp Example (5 sentences):I was sitting in my room one day reading a hocky book with my window open for a breeze ; tapping my fingers as usual when out the corner of my eyes i thought i saw a person on the ground with goat legs. Which really freaked me out but then i rememberd a book i read about how the "greek myths" might actully be real, so i jumped out my window and startled the man. he says to me " AHH Do u always frighten your visitors?" To this i think and say "Why do you have goat legs?" (satyr)"hmm so u can see them , good then chiron was correct you are a demigod" (me) "yea right" (satyr) " yes, well i am tre lilly and i was wondering have u been attakced by anything lately? " (me) "umm yea a big lion/snake/griffon thing" (saytr) "then i suggest u come with me to camp-half blood"
18.Just any extra notes about your charrie:looks exactly like ryan

Ryan Miller Son of Erbebus-13
Hastin Simmons Son of Set-15
Steve Leopard Son of Hades-16
Darren Shan Son of Hades-16
Drake Kha Son of Chos-15
Leo Legard Son of Ouranos-14
Thomas Jones Son of Ares-15
Dillon Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Rey Miller Son of Pluto-15
Pelagos McCormick Son of Neptune-14
Connor Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Mason Casey Son of Zeus-15
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