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Camp Half Blood Place OF Awsomenes

a role play place for the book series written by rick riordan

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my norse charries

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1 my norse charries on Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:05 pm

1.Name:Johny Reb
5.Eye color:brown
6.Hair Color and Skin color:like a blondish brown
7.Mortal parent:Drake Reb
8.God Parent:Jord,norse goddess of the earth
9.Talents(normaly):horseback riding,bull wrangling
10.Skills(what skills with weapons):swords and fencing
11.Powers(optional you dont have to have any):he can create objects out of the earth 10 times a day (like walls,objects,and temporary armor) biggest thing is a 7 by 7 wall as think as one brick wall he gets tired when he does this faints after 10th time,can make 2 earthquakes a day (a three on the ricter scale) makes him very very tired and has to wait 30 minutes between each one,and can heal his wounds 5 times a day if he's touching the ground (nothing fatal biggest wound is a 2 inch deep cut,or a fractured rib)
12.Weapons:a cb saber (sword a general in the civil war carried) and a cb dagger
13.Pets:horse named Qucksilver (is a silverish grey color fur with a black maine(sp?) of origin:USA,(momgontry alabama),(or as he calls it the confederate states of america)
15.Flaws:very rebellious,fights for what he believes in,hates northeners,some times racist before camp half-blood(5 sentences):Johny lived in alabama on plantation farm with his dad,step-mom,and two younger brothers.
he had very bad grades at school.allthough he was amazing when it came to anything farm related or with his plantation.his yonger brother was better than him but he didn't school and home he was a bit rebelliuds and allways got in trouble.for some reason he hated northeners and african americans pasionatly.
17. Rp Example (5 sentences):i get out of pa's station wagon and look around. "this here place don't look to bad.." I say. I sigh and walk up the hill looking down. "better have some corn or other crops I don't do meat." I then walk down the hill.
18.Just any extra notes about your charrie:is a vegitarian and allways talks in a southern accent

1.Name:Billy Yank
5.Eye color:Blue
6.Hair Color and Skin color:blond, tan
7.Mortal parent:Mary Yank
8.God Parent:ULL
9.Talents(normaly):ice hockey,sking,snowboarding,lacrosse
10.Skills(what skills with weapons):swords and fencing
11.Powers(optional you dont have to have any):can create snowstorms in a 15x15 area with 6 inces of snow,lasts 15 minutes.can create a hail storm in a 10x10 area ,golfball sized,lasts 10 minutes, 6 times a day(has to wait 30 minutes between each storm).can create 30 skeletons a day,10 at a time,they last 10 minutes (are like TTC).can create shapes,armor,and objects out of snow and ice same as Johnys earth objects.and unless it's under 5 degrees he doesn't get cold
12.Weapons:same as johny
13.Pets:N/A of origin:USA(Detriot Michigan,though he calls it the union)
15.Flaws:doesnt like southeners,very strict when it comes to rules,does not like the heat before camp half-blood(5 sentences):ill do later
17. Rp Example (5 sentences):ill do later
18.Just any extra notes about your charrie:

Ryan Miller Son of Erbebus-13
Hastin Simmons Son of Set-15
Steve Leopard Son of Hades-16
Darren Shan Son of Hades-16
Drake Kha Son of Chos-15
Leo Legard Son of Ouranos-14
Thomas Jones Son of Ares-15
Dillon Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Rey Miller Son of Pluto-15
Pelagos McCormick Son of Neptune-14
Connor Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Mason Casey Son of Zeus-15
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