Camp Half Blood Place OF Awsomenes
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Camp Half Blood Place OF Awsomenes

a role play place for the book series written by rick riordan

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Mr.Tiny!!!!(note the two god parents will never happen again...)

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2.age:unknown (sometimes looks from 7-40)
4.height:can range from 3'4" to 5'5"
5.eye color:changes from purple,black,and red color and eye color:(bald or sometimes brown or black hair)skin color is pale
7.mortal parent:none
8.god parent(s): Kronos and Nyx
9.talents:good at everything
11.powers:he can control time(can go back as far as ancient greece,can freeze time, can slow time down,can go forward 1 day)ten times a day he can move things but it drains him more,can shadow travel the length of the USA,is practically invisible at night( you have to be 2 feet away to see him),can summon creatures of the night (wolves,wolverines,vampires,werewolfs ect.) 20 times a day ten at a time
12.weapons:a stygian iron syth and a stygian iron dagger
13.pets:N/A of origon:unknown
15.flaws:very controlling,obeese(a bit fat),lies a hole lot(but good at it),perfectionest,follows rules he believes in to the point

Ryan Miller Son of Erbebus-13
Hastin Simmons Son of Set-15
Steve Leopard Son of Hades-16
Darren Shan Son of Hades-16
Drake Kha Son of Chos-15
Leo Legard Son of Ouranos-14
Thomas Jones Son of Ares-15
Dillon Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Rey Miller Son of Pluto-15
Pelagos McCormick Son of Neptune-14
Connor Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Mason Casey Son of Zeus-15
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