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Camp Half Blood Place OF Awsomenes

a role play place for the book series written by rick riordan

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Jace Kristian

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1 Jace Kristian on Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:07 am

Stardust Angel

Stardust Angel
egyptian/norse demigod
1.Name: Jace Kristian
2.Age: 16
3.Gender: M
4.hight: 6' 4
5.Eye color: Really Blue eyes
6.Hair Color and Skin color: Dark Hair and Tan Skin
7.Mortal parent: Kellan Kristian
8.God Parent: Poseidon
9.Talents(normaly): Soccer Basketball and Track and Field, Piano
10.Skills(what skills with weapons): Quick on his feet, Thinks feet, Good strategist
11.Powers(optional you dont have to have any):
-Create Waves(20ft high-7 times)
-Bend the water around him(like in avatar)-15 times
-Breathe underwater(regularly)
-Heal Cuts-A couple inches deep and only a feet wide(7 times)
12.Weapons: CB Sword and two CB Daggers
13.Pets:-- of origin: England
15.Flaws: Pride, Too Loyal, Too Quiet sometimes before camp half-blood(5 sentences):
Jace was born in a Chelsea, England. He was a big soccer player and his life long goal is to win the world cup for England. His mother died when Jace was only a couple months old. He was adopted by his aunt and uncle who have two other sons.
17. Rp Example (5 sentences):
Jace loved music. He wished he had time to play more but he had to practice for soccer. He sighed and played a couple piano chords. If his aunt and uncle were here, they would never of let him touch this thing. It was shiny and new, and looked fragile to touch. He shifted slightly as he started to use both his hands. His fingers flowed across the keys in a fluent motion which was beautiful to watch.
18.Just any extra notes about your charrie:
~His aunt and uncle treat him terribly. (think HP..)

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2 Re: Jace Kristian on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:07 pm


Ryan Miller Son of Erbebus-13
Hastin Simmons Son of Set-15
Steve Leopard Son of Hades-16
Darren Shan Son of Hades-16
Drake Kha Son of Chos-15
Leo Legard Son of Ouranos-14
Thomas Jones Son of Ares-15
Dillon Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Rey Miller Son of Pluto-15
Pelagos McCormick Son of Neptune-14
Connor Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Mason Casey Son of Zeus-15
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