Camp Half Blood Place OF Awsomenes
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Camp Half Blood Place OF Awsomenes

a role play place for the book series written by rick riordan

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Leo Legard (last charrie for a while just wanted him on this site) and for one of the other admins to approve cause i want them to be able to do something

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1.Name:Leo Legard
5.Eye color:blue
6.Hair Color and Skin color:blond hair and tan skin
7.Mortal parent:mellinda legard
8.God Parent:Ouranos
9.Talents(normaly):surfing,swimming,sailing,hang glidding,wake boarding,and the thing with the sail attached to the surfboard
10.Skills(what skills with weapons):swords,bow and arrows
11.Powers(optional you dont have to have any):can stop some one from breathing for a minute,can control the air(he is able to pick stuff up and move it around,and when he breaths the air flow is bigger,like he can blow down a person with two breaths and can breath underwater for 3 mins,stop things in mid air and can make things in the air go faster)can do this 20 times a day,can use the air to fly for about 20 times a day can only sustain flight,stay in the air, for 20 minutes,and highest alltitude is about two miles upwards,
12.Weapons:a three foot long cb kilij and two cb shark tooth daggers
13.Pets:n/a of origin:america (Oahu,Hawii)
15.Flaws:he has no idea when girls flirt with him,he likes to show off alot, doesnt really get love,normally attracks alot of girls(flaw because of first flaw and one before) before camp half-blood(5 sentences):Leo lived in Oahu his whole life and never left till now. he was an amazing surfer had a lot of friends. though he was allways surrounded by girls which he could never figure out why. his mom was the schools swimming coach. he was an exceptional swimmer and sufrer and he could also wake board.
17. Rp Example (5 sentences):i walked up to the water with my surf board smiling t was a beautiful day. i run in and start simming wating for a wave to come by. after wating for about five minutes i see a giant wave and swim up to it and start to ride it. the wave becomes a tube and i skim my and along it barely getting through. i smile and do it all over agian.
18.Just any extra notes about your charrie:has an islander/hawiian accent

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I skimmed it its good so approved and I gtg so you cna mvoe teh topic

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