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a role play place for the book series written by rick riordan

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Reasons for name of Charries?

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1 Reasons for name of Charries? on Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:12 pm


big three demigod
Traci-found it in a newspaper
Storm-like the superhero
Jason-cannon charrie
Eryn-Have a friend named Eryn

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2 Re: Reasons for name of Charries? on Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:31 pm


Raven-Like My App
Keegan-Cute boy at my school
Zakyla-The most wickedly awesome name ever That I found on my app
Harley-Like Harley Davidson the motor cycle
Ashylnn-A girl Ik,Archer-A site,Jenson-like Cam Jenson
Morgan-My Friend a year older than me
Maeve-It is my name
Sirenia-On HBM Rachel gave me the name to use
Avery-I like the name
Cheyanne-A girl at my school
Mackenzie-I freakin love this name for a boy
Caitlin(Unapproved right nao)-Its my cousins name but I stole it from Sonica

Cheyanne/Anubis-15(Mac's twin sis)-French Accent
Mackenzie(Mac or Mack)/Anubis-15(Boy)-French Accent
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3 Re: Reasons for name of Charries? on Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:09 pm

Ryan Miller-my name
Hastin Simmons-kid on my hockey team
Steve Leopard-the cirque du freak series
Darren Shan-same as above
Drake Kha-uhh drake my friends name and kha i searched chaos in latin or something like that
Leo Legard-honest truth a name site
Thomas Jones-my parents came up with it not knowing what they were doing(i was lazey!)
Dillon Sleeper-my best friend since kindergarden...sadly he moved this year
Rey Miller-hmm my friend from 3rd grades name
Pelagos McCormick-(pelagos)a name site the name means the sea in anceint greek and McCormick is my grandparents last name
Connor Sleeper-dillons actuall little brother
Mason Casey-mason it sounds cool and casey a kid on my hockey teams last name

Ryan Miller Son of Erbebus-13
Hastin Simmons Son of Set-15
Steve Leopard Son of Hades-16
Darren Shan Son of Hades-16
Drake Kha Son of Chos-15
Leo Legard Son of Ouranos-14
Thomas Jones Son of Ares-15
Dillon Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Rey Miller Son of Pluto-15
Pelagos McCormick Son of Neptune-14
Connor Sleeper Son of Morpheus-15
Mason Casey Son of Zeus-15
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4 Re: Reasons for name of Charries? on Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:32 pm


egyptian/norse demigod
Carmen~ my bffls name
Katara~ Avatar. Duh.
Jaden~ got that from Yu Gi Oh! GX
Crystal~ luv that name ^_^

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